Ed (3-60) Mallory III
Recording Artist / Producer / Actor
3-60 grew up in the notorious Homewood section of Pittsburgh, PA. 3-60’s love for hip hop began at the age of 5 when his uncle taught him how to record himself on a Fisher Price karaoke stereo. He has been fascinated with recording and creating music ever since. 3-60 has an innate desire and ability to rap. The trials, tribulations, and thrills of life influence 3-60’s lyrical content. His quick witted rhymes, mixed with his unique flow, put him in a league of his own. In addition to talent, 3-60 has an image that is unparalleled. He is in the gym several times a week busting a sweat throwing weights around. 3-60 has released over 8 solo projects since 2007. 3-60 has been developing his craft for some time now and continues to releases dope music. 3-60 currently resides in Los Angeles, CA pursuing his career as an Entertainer full time.